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As we know everyone has there own requirements and levels of knowledge about car detailing, we’ve kindly put together a few FAQ’s

Car detailing is the process of meticulous cleansing and decontamination of a vehicle followed by paint enhancement by machine polishing, readying it to receive the wax and finishing dressings that will bring the vehicle to exemplary quality. The main focus is on standard of finish and attention to the fine details, producing a much greater-than-showroom shine that other procedures cannot achieve.

Polishing your vehicle after a full decontamination enhances the paintwork by the use of abrasives my smoothing out any defects such as scratches. There are different types of polish and which one you use is dependant on the depth of the scratches on your vehicle and the level of detail you are after. 

Waxing is a protectant and the type that we use is the natural Carnauba paste wax which provides a nice glossy wet look finish. Waxes do not contain any abrasives and must be applied after the polishing process. Waxes provide a super car finish and can last up to 6 weeks.

Sealants are also a protectant and work in the same way as wax. However, sealants are synthetic products and do not provide as much of a glossy finish than Carnauba wax although the benefits are that sealants last up to 6 months

We also offer all-in-one solutions and are perfect for vehicles that are already in good condition as they contain light abrasives and wax/sealant to protect the vehicle. We tend to use these on any follow-up maintenance cleans.

Decontaminating your vehicle is an important stage of detailing as it removes orange spots and small contaminants such as tar, this creates a workable surface for the final stage of claying the car leaving a smooth glass like finish on your car. 

This is also vital to ensure that no grit or grim is picked when polishing thus producing more scratches or damage to the vehicle paint work. 

A complete inside detail can take anything from a 1 whole day to 3 whole days. It really depends on the level of quality you are after and whether or not you have asked for any extra work to be carried out.  

Valeting is less thorough and can take anything from 1 hour to 4 hours. 

Timing is dependant on a number of factors, excessive dirt, pet hair, spills, size of vehicle etc.

Sure, you don’t have to get the full detailing or valeting package if you only want one specific job doing. We can always focus on that one area and then come back if you ever want a thorough detail. We may ask for a small fee if we feel its required when requesting a quote. 

Payment can be taken before or after completion, however on occasions a deposit may be asked for to secure the booking. 

Payment can be made in various ways: 

  • Finance options
  • Cash
  • Card (Online or on location)
  • Bank Transfer
  • Pro-Forma Invoice


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