Gtechniq New Car Detail | from £500

You would expect a brand new car to be delivered and presented with the upmost of care with flawless paintwork and perfection in every way. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case as new cars often leave the factory production line with paint imperfections such as machine buffer trails, holograms and sanding marks. Unskilled in house valeters that aren’t given enough time to correctly prepare each vehicle at the dealerships often result in an array of defects such as fine scratches and surface marring.
Most dealerships offer poor quality protection packages such as Gen 3, Gard X, Supaguard and Diamond brite etc. with bold claims that they’ll last for years and years. These packages are often applied incorrectly and over poor paint finishes as the dealership valeters are given minimal time and little training in how to correctly prepare and protect a brand new vehicle.
The Gtechniq new car detail typically takes 2-3 days to complete where I make sure that the car is immaculately clean and free from contaminants before carrying out a single stage machine polish to maximize the gloss level and to remove any light imperfections, ensuring that the paintwork is perfect before protecting it.
I would advise for you to ask the dealership not to wash the vehicle and also not to remove any of the protective films. In an ideal world I would have the vehicle delivered to my unit in the same state that it originally arrived at the dealership without any PDI preparation or cleaning work being done.
The Washing Process
  • Wheels cleaned inside-out including brake calipers using a variety of soft brushes and iron fallout remover.
  • Arches cleaned and exhaust tips cleaned.
  • Door shuts and sills pre-rinsed and cleaned using a soft detailing brush and APC.
  • Bodywork extensively washed using snow foam, the two-bucket method, prep shampoo and a Gtechniq wash mitt.
  • A soft detailing brush and APC is used to clean grilles, badges, filler cap area and window sills etc.
  • Bodywork Decontamination
  • Iron fallout removal stage for the bodywork to remove ferrous/iron particles.
  • Vehicle wiped down using tar and glue remover to remove any tar deposits or sticky residue that was left behind from the protective films.
  • Snow foam wash to ensure the decontamination chemical remnants are fully removed.
  • Paintwork, windows and lights are clay barred to remove all final surface contamination. (Not always required with brand new vehicles.)
  • Vehicle dried using soft microfibre drying towels.
  • Gaps and crevices blown dry to remove trapped water and to eliminate drips.
Machine Polishing
  • Plastic trim and any delicate areas are masked using 3M tape to avoid polish stains.
  • Single stage machine polish to maximise the gloss level and to remove any holograms, light imperfections or buffer trails. 
  • Paintwork wiped down with IPA (isopropyl alcohol) to remove polish oils and residue to form the ideal surface for ceramic coating adhesion.
Gtechniq Ceramic Protection
  • As standard the Gtechniq new car detail includes Gtechniq crystal serum light for the paintwork which is an exceptional ceramic coating that lasts for between 3-5 years.
  • The wheel faces are protected with C5 wheel armour which is a 2 year ceramic coating.
  • The windows are coated with G1 clear vision smart glass for 2 years of ceramic protection.
  • The interior is given a basic dust and vacuum plus the removal of any protective films.
  • Leather treated with L1 leather guard for 12 months of protection.
  • Fabric/carpets including the boot are protected for 3 years using Gtechniq i1 smart fabric.
Other Areas
  • Interior windows, instrument cluster and infotainment system screen are cleaned.
  • Tyres dressed with Swissvax Pneu.
  • Engine bay wiped down and dressed/protected with Auto finesse dressle.
  • Final vehicle dust down before customer handover/collection.
Gtechniq Upgrade Options (full information on the Gtechniq Ceramic Coatings Page.)
  • Gtechniq CSL Black Treatment (5 year ceramic paint option.)
  • Gtechniq Exo V4 (2 year ceramic paint option.)
  • Wheels off and Gtechniq ceramic coat.
  • Gtechniq C6 matte dash.
  • Gtechniq C4 permanent trim restorer.

Optional Extras

Headlight Icon for for Illuminate - Mobile Detailing and Valeting website

Headlight Restoration

Restore and protect your hazy-foggy headlights with our 8-step process to bring them back to new car quality

Swirl mark icon for Illuminate - Mobile Detailing and Valeting website

Swirl Mark Removal

We can remove the swirl marks left behind by the cheap hand or drive-thru car wash you may have visited 

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Fabric and Leather Protection

Re-vitalise your seats, leather and fabric needs protection from everyday UV rays and spills 

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Paint Correction

Paint correction can remove most scratches from your vehicle leaving the car looking pristine once again

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Engine Bay Cleaning

Eliminate oil, dirt and grime from under the hood in the safest and and most effective manner

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Black Trim Restoration

Rejuvenate the black trim on your vehicle and protect it from UVA and UVB solar rays