Winter Protection Detail | from £140 | 1 day

The cold weather is on its way which will mean our vehicles are going to be subjected to much harsher weather conditions including the exposure to salt and grit which over time would inevitably begin degrading the aesthetic appearance of your vehicle, but only if it isn’t protected.

By having your vehicle deep cleaned and protected in preparation for the winter months will provide it with much needed protection to ensure that your vehicle stays easy to clean whilst being protected against the elements.

A winter protection detail can be carried out on your driveway and as a mobile service although due to the unpredictable weather we would much prefer if the vehicle was dropped off with me at my unit in Rushden. We do have a large gazebo for the mobile work but obviously with the unit being fully enclosed it’s a far more professional environment for your vehicle to be treated in.

The Washing Process

  • Wheels cleaned inside-out including brake calipers using a variety of soft brushes and safe wheel cleaner.
  • Wheels fully decontaminated to remove iron fallout and tar deposits.
  • Arches cleaned and exhaust tips cleaned.
  • Door shuts and sills pre-rinsed and cleaned using a soft detailing brush and APC.
  • Bodywork extensively washed using snow foam, the two-bucket method, prep shampoo and a Microfibre wash mitt.
  • A soft detailing brush and APC is used to clean grilles, badges, filler cap area and window sills etc.
Bodywork Decontamination
  • Two stage decontamination process to remove iron fallout/ferrous contaminants and tar deposits from all areas of paintwork.
  • Snow foam wash to ensure decontamination chemical remnants are fully removed.
  • Paintwork, windows and lights are clay barred to remove all final surface contamination.
  • Vehicle dried using soft microfibre drying towels.
  • Gaps and crevices blown dry to remove trapped water and to eliminate drips.
  • Auto finesse rejuvenate (pre-wax cleanser) is worked over every inch of paintwork by hand using a Scholl concepts polishing puck. This polish enhances the level of gloss, further cleans the paintwork and provides the ideal surface for carnauba wax application.
Carnauba Wax
  • Swissvax Shield is a luxury grade carnauba wax enriched with non-stick PTFE in order to create an ingenious protection shield for your paintwork. Thanks to the proverbial “teflon-pan-effect” dirt and insects barely can’t adhere at all to the as smooth as glass paintwork surface, keeping the daily driver protected for up to 6 months. (The perfect wax for winter or the daily driver in general.)
Other Areas
  • Swissvax Autobahn wheel wax.
  • Swissvax Pneu or CarPro Pearl tyre dressing.
  • Plastic trim dressed and protected. (Auto finesse.)
  • Windows polished. (Auto finesse.)
  • Exhaust tips polished and protected. (Auto finesse.)
  • Chrome trim polished and protected. (Auto finesse.)
  • Plastic arch liners dressed. (Chemical.)
  • Final vehicle dust down before vehicle handover/collection.

Optional Extras

Headlight Icon for for Illuminate - Mobile Detailing and Valeting website

Headlight Restoration

Restore and protect your hazy-foggy headlights with our 8-step process to bring them back to new car quality

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Swirl Mark Removal

We can remove the swirl marks left behind by the cheap hand or drive-thru car wash you may have visited 

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Fabric and Leather Protection

Re-vitalise your seats, leather and fabric needs protection from everyday UV rays and spills 

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Paint Correction

Paint correction can remove most scratches from your vehicle leaving the car looking pristine once again

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Engine Bay Cleaning

Eliminate oil, dirt and grime from under the hood in the safest and and most effective manner

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Black Trim Restoration

Rejuvenate the black trim on your vehicle and protect it from UVA and UVB solar rays